Artist Vlad Zorin and makeup artist Sergey Naumov teamed up to create an art project about freedom, equality and self-acceptance.

Make-up artist Sergey Naumov said in regards to the project “With our art project, we wanted to express our opinion that makeup should not divide people into genders today – this is one of the ways of self-expression, demonstration of freedom. Everyone has the right to express himself, in the form in which he wants. Including men using makeup.”

Inga Meladze, Gladstone Mahib, Xenia Dranysh, Platon Shults, Danya Che, Oksana Babenko, Robert Seferyan, Aliyar Dossabaev and German Lavrovsky starred in the project. The heroes were chosen as representatives of a new generation, youth, creativity, self-confidence. And new voice of Russia.

Vlad Zorin who photographed the heros explained “It was important for me to show the inner world of our heroes, their beauty and freedom and the ability to feel confident in their own way – in this case, in bright makeup. When you have a bright personality, you can express yourself as you want.”