Along with our friends NWPP80 made up of DJS Lou Solaire & Jon K. Harker we threw a New Wave and Post-Punk night at Le Carmen with visuals from Pairs Issue 101 immersing into the Gothic universe for one night during Paris Fashion Week. With the backdrop against French composer Bizet’s grandiose former residence (and named after his most famous opera), the neo-classical columns and stucco cherubs enhanced and contrasted the laid back but decadent mood.

Set against 8mm home videos, photography series from Gorsad featuring Werush in Kiev, Georgian designers, Neith Nyer, Ferrari Concept, Alex Mullins and more reminding us of how culture is changing and giving a new lease on life.

PAIRS Project x Nwpp80 Party at Le Carmen Paris Fashion Week shot on Kodak disposable camera and expired Soviet 35mm film