For Spring Summer 2018, Ukrainian designer Yulia Yefimtchuk unveiled the main slogan of the season «Техническая эстетика» (eng. “Technical Aesthetics”) referencing the scientific, practical and methodically illustrated magazine, issued since 1964 in the USSR.

The aesthetic design of the magazine, graphics, text, visual presentation of information made it a key source of inspiration for the SS1818 collection.

Technical aesthetics – is a theoretical basis of design, scientific discipline that studies socio-cultural, technical and aesthetic problems of forming harmonious environment for the life and activity of a man by means of industrial production. Technical aesthetics studies the principles and methods of artistic design, the problems of professional creativity and mastery of the designer. The collection interprets and stylizes workwear clothes, its simple silhouettes with elements of technical design.

Shot by Artem Nadyozhin and Kristina Dobrorodnova on black&white filmstock Fomapan 200 and Kodak TX400