Professor Kegham Djeghalian along with Pairs set a fluid brief and structure through which students could develop their own approach and project their aesthetic universe while adapting to the DNA of the publication, thus staging real-life professional dynamics of photographer-publication. Even though 35mm analogue photography is at the core of Pairs Project’s identity the students were not limited to using analogue in order to encourage an individual experimental approach.

In response to a hyper-commercialized and ever-evolving field like fashion image-making and photography, which is heavily marked by the acceleration of the fashion cycle and the obsession of the ‘new’ in aesthetics and formats, the approach of the MA program, encapsulated by the PCA x PAIRS PROJECT collaboration, aimed to contextualize students’ practice within the industry’s contemporary imperatives stressing the merging of academic research with professional practice.

The exhibition curated by Kegham Djeghalian presented the works of Lulu Alsaud, Rufus Barkley, Tove Wall Dyrting, Chase McCurdy, Lili Mirab, Alma Rosaz, Dhruvin Shah and Andrew Vox.

Here we captured the opening with industry friends, designers, alongside the MA students on a Kodak disposable camera.