To kick off Paris Fashion Week Men and to celebrate the launch of our website and annual print book zine, we teamed up with French label Neith Nyer founded by Brazilian born Francisco Terra who is known for known for blurring all lines and demystifying gender. Neith Nyer was shot in our debut issue by Paris based photographer Celine Bischoff.

Many of the photographers and friends who took part in the debut issue joined us including Brice Brice Krummenacker, Cesar Love Alexandre (who is about to embark on a NYC adventure), Katrin Backes, Alessia Ansalone

The Neith Nyer team brought along their crew to DJ with sets by Dustina, DJ Raven and Drame Nature. Stay tuned as Neith Nyer will be presenting their new collection during Women’s Paris Fashion Week and there is a debut manga in the works!

All images shot on Kodak disposable camera by Andrei Zozulya Davidov on location at Silencio.