Brussels is becoming one of the most exciting cities in Europe. If musically, Belgium artists have conquered France, the art side is making an effort to impress with massively interesting and atypical projects. Recently, one of the most mythical Brussels museums based decided to carve a fresh chapter into its history. Atomium is one of the most visited places in Europe, with 200,000+ visitors every summer.

A truly mythical icon, this unique architectonic creation is an emblematic vestige of the first post-war World Fair in Brussels (Expo 58). The nine spheres representing an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times, reflecting the faith one had in the power of science.

Recently the museum decided to invite the Visual System for an exclusive installation mixing lights and sound. As a matter of fact, this is the second time the two collaborate together.

Arnaud Bozzini, the curator, elaborated on the challenges of mixing these two different identities.

How much time did you spend guys on creating this project?

Maybe 8 months…we get total freedom when creating this installation. We took our time and the museum approve it since the beginning.

You all had different tasks to accomplish?

Yes.. we all have a vision of about how we want it to be… maybe that’s why 8 months was sufficient to make all that happen.

The music is really impressive, how was the composition process?

We built a concept inspired by a novel of Stéphane Bauverger and we gave the music concept to Thomas Vaquié.

It was a logical step to make something different for The Atomium this year?

Yes totally, our vision is closed to their environment and it was a cool challenge making this, having this freedom making something that can surprise their visitors. We are happy everything gets well and it’s a success.

And you, how do you feel about being able to execute this project?

I feel honoured…

What’s next for the Visual System?

We are currently working on another project in Asia… it’s still in progress…


Words by Ivica Mamedy



Watch the trailer below:

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