Oratorio is the new fragrance by the Czech perfume house Pigmentarium. It comes as a result of the first-ever collaboration between the Czech brand and the young French perfumer Théo Belmas, who had worked on his olfactory masterpiece over a period of several months during both real and imaginary voyages between Paris and Prague.

It was the interplay of many opposites that served as the driving force behind the creative process. The changes foster development on the one hand and the constants providing stability on the other. The historical past, which has long been part of Pigmentarium’s identity, and the vibrant reality of its present. The local roots and the artistic setting are reimagined through the eyes of a foreigner. The existing style of the Pigmentarium perfume house and the new direction it’s taking. The values we want to uphold, while at the same time aiming to stretch far beyond them. The light and the darkness. And last but not least, the meeting of two creative minds, the brand’s creative director Tomáš Ric and the perfumer Théo Belmas, who have weaved the past and the future into the present of this olfactive masterpiece.

Oratorio was celebrated in the historic halls of the Czech embassy in France, overlooking the famous Eiffel Tower, with 70 guests in attendance. Among them were local creators, perfumer Théo Belmas, the author of the Oratorio campaign, creative director Guillaume Rossi, known for his work with Dior, Louis Vuitton, Kenzo, and more, and Pigmentarium’s ambassador, the successful jewelry designer Matthias Schneider, creating for the Louis Vuitton brand.

The very composition of the fragrance is based on the contrast between its two main ingredients, mandarin orange, and incense, endowing it with a transitional quality of oscillating between fresh and heavy notes. Adding to its unique appeal is the short formula of ingredients brought together to emphasize the fusion of the two main counterpoints.

Top notes Hand-pressed mandarin orange peel oil, neroli

Middle notes Olibanum, cedar, atlas cedar, jasmine

Base notes Patchouli, opoponax