Tijuana-based psych trio Mint Field return with new EP ‘Mientras Esperas’, set for release March 1st via Innovative Leisure. The first single from the record “Jardin de la Paz” is streaming online now.

In the words of the band themselves:

“The ‘Mientras Esperas’ EP comes from a connection between what’s happening in the modern world and how that reflects and affects our minds. “Jardín de la Paz” is about taking a deep breath amidst all of this, it’s about acquiring peace of mind.”

Photography by Adriana Tangassi

With their 2018 debut ‘Pasar de la Luces’, released on Innovative Leisure Records, Mint Field made an album that couldn’t come from anywhere other than Mexico. It’s a unique combination of psych rock, dream-pop, shoegaze and krautrock, dreamt up and shaped by Amor Amezcua and Estrella del Sol Sánchez under the skies ofPlayas de Tijuana.

Mint Field’s new EP ‘Mientras Esperas’ is more dry, more distorted and more powerful. It captures the essence and the intensity of their live sound and energy.

Listen to the songs below and follow the band on Instagram: