“In Ukraine we are paying the hardest price in our struggle for life. We want everybody to think about how vital it is to get rid of darkness and cherish peace. We wish life and peace on Earth prevails.” – Svitlana Bevza

After eleven seasons of showing at New York Fashion Week, Ukrainian-based brand BEVZA made its Paris Fashion Week.

In the current state of our world facing oppression, pressure, and anxiety – we need freedom, lightness, and the ability to fly. We need wings, to soar above the chaos and glide to freedom. For us, this means safety – security of life, of self-expression, and freedom of choice. Quiet elegance and subtle bravery can be just as powerful as overt statements or actions.

Fall Winter 2023 consists of the black-and-white essences of Bevza’s core visual DNA and speaks to everyone’s personal DNA at the same time. White has always been at the core of Bevza’s story, it brings fresh feelings of a new day and a new beginning. Life will bring challenges and changes, but we need to feel free to make a choice. The collection highlights white minimalist dresses with detachable “wings” and pieces with “feathers” made of silk using hand-cut techniques and zero-waste technologies. The signature seashell motifs and staple square ribs on suits and coats provide structure. New accessories like egg-shaped clutches and symbolic minimalist jewelry – brooches, earrings, and pendants – are reminders of what is most important – the creation & longevity of life.

About BEVZA:

BEVZA is created and crafted in their Kyiv atelier, established in 2006. BEVZA believes in the importance of ethical attitude towards nature and production. For this reason, we design high quality products made to last using carefully considered materials and techniques. Our eco-friendly digitally printed coats are the new alternative to fur. And certain knitted pieces are made of recycled plastic and leftovers of fabrics.

Updated Ukrainian motives is another trademark of the brand. Exploring national heritage, the founder and creative director Svitlana Bevza carries out a delicate work with ethnic symbols and cultural codes and reimagines them in a modern way.