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We essentially know Alma Jodorowsky as an actress and a model, but now you can say that she’s also a singer. Two years ago alongside David Baudart, they formed the band Burning Peacocks. After one beautiful EP in 2014, the duet release their first LP, Love Reaction recently and it’s clearly a masterpiece. Some powerful pop-folk and soft electronic songs produced by the one and only Jean-Benoit Dunckel (Air). We met them in a cafe to discuss about how she feels to be now consider as a singer and why she hates the fact that people love to describe her as an ‘It-girl’!

You just released your first record, Love Reaction and it was produced by Jean-Benoit Dunckel (Air), how did this collaboration happen?

Alma: We were looking for someone to produce the record and we really want to work with a person who is a complete artist not just a producer. Our label told us to make a list of some people we think we can work with. It appears that we were both fans of Air and we did not expect the fact that he would accept our offer. At the beginning, we just made Tears Of Lava with him, and finally everything was going well so we convinced him to produced the whole LP.

I guess that it was also a human collaboration?

David: Yes completely!  As we were just thinking he would only produce the single Tears of lava but then during the recording sessions, we learned about each other and felt that he was the one we needed. The way he creates and produces things impressed us.

I listened to your record, and I feel that the themes are essentially love and sadness, so what was your mood when creating Love Reaction?

Alma: I think this projet represent us. We both have the same introvert  personality and we just want to be ourself. Our influences varies a lot like Gainsbourg, Sebastien Tellier, Alain Bashung, Beach House, Portishead and Air of course.

David: On the album, we got some influences which are more visible. We did some brainstorming and mood boards with some music we like. For example we were saying that this guitar sound needs to be like this guitar sound on this track.

You actually have entire control about all your visuals and Alma, you directed your two previous videos. Do you think it’s only you who can understand the meaning of your project?

Alma: Not exactly as our first video was with another director and it was great working with her. It was just an opportunity to make these videos and we got this chance to give our songs some visual aspects we expected and it’s an amazing sensation to create much more than just music. Finally it’s a global project as we love art and cinema so it’s fun for us to make the videos.

Alma, you are now a singer while being an actress, where do you feel more at ease ?

Alma: Both! But I have two different approaches with the fact I’m an actress and a singer. I always wanted to make movies since I was little and for me it was clearly my dream job. However, making music it’s more a day to day hobby which has some cool aspects as you can experiment different than in cinema or fashion. It’s more relaxed and that’s why we need to deal with it correctly as the music industry is pretty hard too. It’s actually the crisis, you need to have budgets to produce all your stuff in a studio. Finally, you need to be passionate to do this job or it won’t  be worth it.

I think doing music is to be yourself as you don’t play a role at all, isn’t-it ?

Alma: I will not say to be myself but I’m more independent. With Burning Peacocks, I’m free to make what will happen next. If I want to be at home, writing songs in my bed, I can! However, acting is more complicated to do in those conditions.

If tomorrow a fan meet you in the street, how will you describe yourself ? A singer or an actress?

Alma: I never said « an artist » but may be I need to do this! It seems easier. But very often I say both. An actress and a singer…

I read that you hate the fact that so many medias describe you as an it-girl, is that true?

Alma: Haha yes, it means nothing for me! In France, when a girl has different jobs, they say ‘It-girl’ and I find this term a little bit pejorative.

David: But for a man, people will never say ‘it-boy’. And I know there’s a lot, take Jean Cocteau for example.

Alma: Yes, last time I was telling a friend that it’s an inappropriate word as it’s focus only on the physical aspect of someone. But it’s sad as people may have several jobs like me…

I really like the artwork of your album. And I was asking myself why you did not use your image to promote this project? Why you chose a painting of the very talented Ines Longevial?

Alma: We just chose a piece of art which we really like. We found it beautiful so all this happened naturally. We did not ask our self yes or no if we need to be on the cover. The most important thing was to create a visual that represent the songs.

David: Those colors clearly define the songs on the album. Each color has a particular meaning and globally it represents the vision we want to transit through Love Reaction.

And, what are you planning for the new few months?

Alma: Some gigs! We just played in Paris this December!