Following the release of their first EP Split By in 2019, Swedish indie-R’n’B duo lennixx made an emboldened comeback with two new singles Bold Me and Empty Room this summer. While Hanna, who is the sister of pop phenomena Zara Larsson, and her partner Andrea are preparing some cool stuff in the studio, we had a little social distanced chat with them to properly discover the genesis of their band and how exciting are the next steps of their career. 

Hi girls, lets start at the beginning! How did you two meet?

We met at a young age and immediately became friends with a lot of the same interests. One of them was music. We started off by just singing covers with each other and then realized how well our voices sounded and complemented one another. And then a few years later we started writing our own music.

What were the main influences when you started making music together? 

When we started off a lot of our inspiration came from SZA, Rihanna, Alessia Cara and Sabrina Claudio.

Can you tell us more about your two brand new track Empty Room and Bold Me

We felt like these two songs went very well together and wanted to come back after a year of not releasing anything, with more than just one song. “Bold Me” is little more up-tempo and fun, with a ballad like “Empty Room”, we feel, accompanies well.

“Bold Me” is about being bold and a reminder for us and our listeners to do what feels right and follow what you believe in. “Empty Room” is for us a love song, it was inspired by our own personal experiences and our connection to what love is.

Your music contains a lot of R&B influences, any other sound you want to explore?

We always try to evolve when we create music, not just stay in the same patterns or lane.

We take inspiration from a lot of different music genres and feel like we always explore new sounds and energies.

Making music together makes you more confident. How you want to define your sound?

We feel really confident creating music together, our songs come from both of us and wouldn’t exist without the other person. It’s also very fun to create in that safe space. We feel like we’ve really defined our sound and know exactly what we want, which wouldn’t be possible doing alone.

What can we expect from you in the upcoming months?

We’re planning for our next single and other exciting things surrounding it. We’re always in the studio creating new music which is leading us up to our debut album.

Interview by Ivica Mamedy