London based lo-fi duo MT. LOW just dropped their debut track ‘Fade (Into View)’ from their upcoming mixtape ‘Lost Of Love’.

LOW was born when Matt and Will Ritson discovered a lone church on the Mexican border on google maps. It became a shared reference point and the catalyst that propelled the two to take a trip across the ocean to the Hill of Prayer in California, and record their experience through the medium of photography, film and creative writing which were subsequently published by the highly respected Ignant magazine.

They then went on to explore the town of Beatty, Nevada, immersing themselves in the surreal landscape. Capturing its eeriness, Fucking Young! featured their photos and stories in their ‘Alien Issue’:

“it felt like we were out to confront something together, here, in the middle of nowhere, with the reality of emptiness swallowing us up in every direction.”

The blank canvas environments of the desert and abandoned town they visited shaped the upcoming mixtape, as the two explain: “travelling out into such a big empty landscape gives you a perspective with less of a hard edge, something wider and more spacious that you can take back with you and engage with in the creative process.”

‘Lost Of Love’ formed “almost as a research project where we could share these ideas back and forth and have that process of collaboration and our individual memories be the final result,” they recorded everything after the trip without ever being in the studio together, forming shape through voice notes, iMessages, emails and image references.

Despite this approach, debut track ‘Fade (Into View)’ is a pulsating and urgent cut, with a lo-fi edge, reflecting its DIY roots: “using the everyday tools we have directly around us to make it, our phones, our laptops, our voices.”

The end result is a deeply personal body of work: “one of the main themes is this dialectic between us, which relates to us being brothers and more so twins. It is about our relationship, our dreams and failures, in relation to one another and together.”

35mm photography by Feli Langlois

Mixtape is released 10th March via their own label, Only Dreaming.