Dogme: Lust & Sound

Participants: Blockade Brand, Anton Rudzat

BLOCKADE Brand, curated by photographer Anton Rudzat, upcoming limited edition capsule collection LUST & SOUND is united by a common idea: the period of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the rushing wave of music, art against this background, the development of “New Wave” in those years and its influence on people’s creativity.

After the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the spirit of freedom and friendship reigned, which also influenced the consciousness of the musicians of the USSR. All prints of the collection LUST & SOUND are interconnected, intertwining the interaction and inspiration of the cultures of the West, the Soviets and the Post-Soviets.

“BerlYn” is one of the graffiti on the Berlin Wall. Another of Berlin’s graffiti at the that time was the print “We do not just want a piece of the cake, We want the whole bakery”. This print can be understood literally “we do not need a piece of pie, we need a whole bakery,” the desire of residents of western and eastern Berlin to unite and make friends.

The print “Nick Cave is new wave” was based on a real drawing of the legendary Nick Cave. The drawing is a self-portrait of a musician at the time of his stay in Berlin at the time. In the continuation of the first collection of the brand, and as a tribute to the quality Soviet design, the DRUG print was created – a reworked image of a sheepdog on packs of cigarettes “Friend”.

The collection is finished with a picture of Renton, the protagonist of that time and the slogan of the film “Trainspotting” “choose life. Renton, as a kinosymbol of the mid-90s, is a stylish, knowledgeable young guy who is addicted, still chooses “Life”, a healthy life at the end of the film. He sees how the culture is changing around, how music is changing, as a new stage of life and new perspectives come.