It all started when the French label of Zara Larsson asked me on Facebook if Pairs Project was interested in having an interview with her. I guess it’s because I’m gay that I immediately accepted it. But honestly, being gay or straight, we all know that the best bangers in clubs are songs from gay icons like Zara. So yes, it all started like this. But talking seriously, Zara Larsson is a Swedish pop singer who is approximately 20 years old and millions of streams and followers. According to everyone in the industry, she’s fucking famous and her previous record contains 100% of bangers.

Back in 2015, Zara posted a picture of British male model Brian H.Whittaker on Twitter. She wanted to date him and you know what? In 2017, he became her boyfriend! She’s not Beyonce yet, but Zara is the proof that she’s becoming the Swedish princess of pop music. Her next and very much anticipated record is expected to drop out early 2019. We met her in Paris a couple weeks ago for a little talk and the major thing you need to know is that Zara Larsson is down to earth and one of the coolest artists I’ve met in years.

Since your last record, what changed in your life?

Firstly my personal life! I’m probably happier now. I’m more peaceful with myself. No more drama. My boyfriend and I are so happy together and my close friends are fucking cool. I also bought an apartment too. In my music life, it’s hard to say what really changed as I’m still working on the next album, it’s still in process. But all songs will totally represent my new life.

Will it be pop?

That’s a tricky question, of course, it will be pop *laughs… I’m thinking about the visuals and all the process of creating a new era for the next one. You’ll see…and we’ll see too as my team is still working on the next steps.

Talking about your private life, is it easy having a boyfriend when you’re Zara Larsson?

Even if I don’t have a lot of time, it’s important to manage the priorities. I don’t have so much time now to see all my friends, I need to be picky but I’m still hanging out with some of them. Even if I have a boyfriend now. During my free time, the most important is also my family. When I’m home, I just want to be with them. I’m a very social girl so I try to maintain a social life.

You told me that there’s no more drama in your life, but your latest song is all drama, right?

I guess it’s my most drama queen song *laughs… but now I’m over with all these shits. I can sing about these dramas but I really love this song. I’m still growing you know and it’s important to have this « drama » tendency…On the previous record I was still I think a teenager and now that I’m 21, it’s a new chapter in my life. I’m becoming a real woman.

In 2016, you teamed up with David Guetta for the official anthem of the UEFA Euro 2016? Do you like football?

No*laughs… I don’t have any opinion as I did not watch any match except the opening ceremony. It was an amazing experience making a song with David Guetta. And it was a huge opportunity for me to do this event and this collaboration but I did not make it for the love of football *laughs

Instead of David Guetta, you know any other French musicians?

Yes, the Djadja girl, what’s her name?

Aya Nakamura…

Yes, she’s cool, it’s my jam!

Any Swedish artist you recommend?

Yes, there are many new artists now in Sweden. There’s Tove Lo and Seinabo Say, these girls are amazing. I’m happy Seinabo See is making such great things, it’s soulful and it’s cool people to know that in Sweden there are not only white and blond singers.

You hang out a lot with others female pop singers like Charli XCX, Dua Lipa and so one, it’s your crew?

It’s fun having fun with girls in this industry. Look at the rap culture, they all have this « my pussy is better than yours » drama. In pop, we don’t have to be in competition. We are all supportive and friends. I’m such a fan of ALMA, Dua Lipa and Charli XCX. It’s my team.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Oh no, I don’t! No guilty pleasures.

Zara Larsson shot on 35mm by Louise Reinke with the interview by Ivica Mamedy