So many crazy things are now happening in the UK music scene. One of these new-comers is called Mabel. At only 21, she became known for her debut EP and mixtape which came out last year and also because her parents are Neneh Cherry and Massive Attack record producer Cameron McVey. We met her in Paris to speak about her debut to be released later this year


I was looking for some articles on you and I feel like everyone was talking about your parents, why that?

To be honest, my parents have accomplished many amazing things, my mum sold a lot of records and my dad produced so much stuff so I think it would be strange not to mention them. Also, I’m not ashamed of them, I’m very proud of them, so being connected to them do not bother me. It’s the only thing people need to know about me.  I’m still new in this industry but they have their contacts and I’ve got mine too.

And do they like your music?

Haha you know, they are my parents! They are just proud of me for being able to make music for a living!

Your music just came from the 90’s for a girl like you who’s just 20 something years old, what about your influences?

I was born in the late 90’s while growing my sister was listening to all this R’n’B music and that really inspired me. I wanted to listen to all the stuff she was listening to such as Destiny’s Child, Aaliyah, TLC… it was the only way we could connect since she was older than me. It’s just stuck with me and it was an incredible time for females R’n’B artists. Now it’s coming back with artists like H.E.R and Kelhani and I know they grew up listening to the same kind of music.

You are currently working on your first record, any good things you can tell me about it? 

2016 was about self-discovery, about my soul, about who I am… and 2017 has been showing to people that I can sing and write and make a serious project. I’m not here just for the fame… I released two projects in 2017 and with this album, I want to show people that I can make one step further and combine all of this to make one whole thing. 90’s R’n’B is really important to me and many songs will be soulful. I love to dance even if I did not have any up-tempo songs but I love it. I was listening to a lot of afro-beat to create some cool up-tempo songs for the album and in mainstream music, everybody was using afro-beat and I was like “fuck I need to do it too!”. The album will be really fun and sassy with some up-tempo which will make you wanna dance!

Like some ratchet songs?

Haha yes, there are so many ratchet ones! There’s a lot of sassy words! The album will be quite different compared to my previous projects which were more chill.

As a newcomer do you feel any pressure from your label about having commercial hits? 

What the fuck is a hit? A song can or not be successful wherever the hype of the moment. For me in the UK having 20 million streams is a hit! I want to be me and express that through my music, like Adele or Amy Winehouse, they did not make a mainstream thing… their music became mainstream.

Your personal stories influence your creativity? 

Yes, so many friends when they told me some stories I’m like “can I borrow that” haha… my relationships are funny too, I love falling in love and I love people to love me. I love the bad things too. I’m a drama queen!


“The album will be really fun and sassy with some up-tempo which will make you wanna dance. “


Any collaborations on your album? 

Collaborating is so exciting, it’s my new favorite thing. I’ve been co-writing but having people singing on my tracks is so much fun. When you give your track to someone else it means something different to them. So yes, there are many UK artists I want to work with like RAYE for example. There’s also the English rapper Not3s who’s on my next record and we already did a sound together. Currently, there are so many amazing things happening in the UK!

And your dream collaboration?

Maybe Rihanna! Or having an emotional moment with Frank Ocean.