If you think Canadian accent is pretty awkward, Peter Peter may change your mind. His new record Noir Eden is out since February and it contains some cool new-wave pop songs which are really addictive. We met him backstage during a private Sony party and we asked him some questions about his latest album. 

Why a cat on the artwork of your album? 

Personally, I did not want to have a cat on the artwork. It’s the cat who comes to me. I was supposed to make some press pictures with Paul Rousteau and he told me about the concept to have a cat in some photos. At the beginning, I was not really into it as feeling that cats were so present on the internet and I wouldn’t be original. During the session in the studio, there was a cat and they told me « Let’s try it for fun !? » and 30 minutes later, when we checked the pictures we feel it was cool to used it. And you know, the fact having this cat remind me when I was creating this album as there as the cat of my ex-girlfriend was staying with me at this moment so I think it’s not a coincidence. Everything makes sense finally

Since your previous album, which got a little success in France,  you moved to Paris. Aren’t you afraid of competition?

Haha no. Every singer has his public and I think mine is quite different. Even I’m not french, I don’t think I’m in a competition as I appreciate so much the french music so no. When I came in France, I realized that if I’m here I need to work hard to make people clearly understand that I’m just another guy singing about love. But I feel less than being an outsider with this new LP.

Yes, you sing a lot about love, and I feel that your new record is less melancholic. In which state of mind you were when creating it? 

Yes, I think when I create Noir Eden, it was after I broke up with my girlfriend and I came to live in Paris. Maybe, it’s more luminous as you’ve got some sad songs as well as some Rhythmic Songs like Nosferatu. The process of making this record was different as I was in another environment than the previous one. So this also makes a lot of difference for me.

And now that you are a real French guy, what do you like about French music? 

I was really surprised but when I came in Paris I discovered a lot of alternative bands which are really cool like Flavien Berger or Paradis. I’m impressed as french music has so much cool stuff but other people outside France may don’t know so it’s unfair.

The new album Noir Eden is out now.

Photos and interview by Ivica Mamedy