Adam Naas dropped his first compositions on the Internet back in 2015, without expectations of getting signed or making music his full-time job. We caught up with the wallflower artist one afternoon in Paris to understand how he is dealing with his new lifestyle and to discuss his debut release!

You mentioned on a couple occasions that you didn’t want to be a singer. Do you have this same feeling now that you’ve signed to a major label and released an EP?

Yes. I think it will always be an awkward situation for me, but for some reason, I’m very positive about what’s happening and I do think that there’s a place for me in the music industry.

You seem to be very shy and introvert, does being on stage help you deal with that?

Stage requires you to be true you can’t be fake! In real life, you can hide feelings but when you sing, you need to be yourself. This makes me happy as people see what you really are and that’s beautiful!

How do you feel about being exposed to critics?

When I write music it’s firstly for me not for people. I feel that I understand myself better when creating songs. I don’t need others to tell me if what I feel is good or not. I have a bunch of friends who are here for me and support me whatever happens.

I saw your bio on Instagram and you describe yourself as a «shitty singer», why?

*laughs* It’s just that I love this poo smiley so I’ve put it in the description! There’s also the fact that we don’t have to be too serious while making music. I simply sing songs, not attempting to change the universe.

Weren’t you afraid of becoming a singer at the beginning? 

Yes, when I first released Fading Away. I wasn’t comfortable with the fact that my life will change and this was not what I was expecting. Funny enough my life didn’t change that much.

How your creative process usually occurs?

I think it’s my environment that pushes me to create things. Personal experiences and also my manager who is a totally fucked up guy *laughs*. His daughter is the most important person in my life and this really helps me in my music. I like the fact that feelings can be so beautiful between two people whether it’s a friendship or a relationship.

What about your new single Please, Come Back to Me

Do you remember the movie The Holiday with Kate Winslet? During the movie, there’s a scene where they talk about unrequited love. And I was like «Fuck, it’s totally true, nobody talks about not being loved in return!» This track is precisely about the situation when loving someone actually means being alone!

Interview and Photography by Ivica Mamedy