Ylang Messenguiral, Ines Boullant (u.r.trax), and Nina Zem, three talented people with varying backgrounds in modeling, DJing, and acting, are photographed by longtime friend of the brand Pierre-Ange Carlotti for the Coperni Pre Fall 2023 collection in front of a massive USM Haller furniture installation.

Additionally, this collection signals the revival of the partnership between Coperni and the designer furniture company. With the introduction of new racing pants and motorcycle cut-out leather jackets, the brand’s defining ideas of speed and movement have been further represented. They embody the techno-chic DNA of Coperni when paired with tailoring. In addition, an electric print reflects the quick and technical world while the cut-out styles are changed into leather and shirt combinations.

The Emoji bag, a unique item created by Coperni to embrace the digital age, is painstakingly constructed to resemble the shape and texture of the well-known bag emoji that appears on all of our phone keyboards. The minimally tailored cloak, first shown at the previous show, has been updated as a dark blue denim piece for a more casual look and comes with new denim clothing.



Models: Ylang Messenguiral, Nina Zem and Inès Boullant (u.r.trax)

Photography: Pierre-Ange Carlotti

Styling: Helena Tejedor

Creatives: Kevin Tekinel and Charles Levai

Hair Louis: Ghewy

Makeup: Aurore Gibrien

Nails: Marie Rosa

Set Design: Sati Leonne Faulks

Furniture: USM