We got a glimpse at the new “Les Dieux du Stade” out this October shot on film by Pierre-Ange Carlotti with artistic direction by Yoann and Marco.

Bringing forward the stadium and its atmosphere, bodies and faces unedited: it’s the brute universe of rugby. Pierre-Ange admits himself that shooting this calendar was a dream come true, even though he’s usually more in the fashion industry, shown by his collaborations with prestigious brands such as Balenciaga, Vêtements or Jacquemus; or his regular photoshoots with celebrities such as Rihanna or Bella Hadid.

For the first time, we find players such as Yoann Maestri, Jean-Marc Doussain or Pierre Fouyssac. Mister Frédéric Michalak himself came back after being absent for a few years, for one last photo. We also find Antoine Dupont and Sofiane Guitoune, players selected for the next World Cup.