Silly Boy Blue portrait by Manu Fauque

After a critical acclaimed EP in 2018, Ana Benabdelkarim, mainly known as David Bowie’s track Silly Boy Blue is back this month with “Hi, It’s Me Again”. A post-break-up song having some Lana Del Rey suffering sadness and similitude addiction. This track is the first bite of Ana’s first album which is expected to be released early 2021 via Columbia Records (Sony Music) and in the meantime, we got a little chat with her to know more about her upcoming project.

Hi Ana, your stage name Silly Boy Blue comes from a David Bowie track. What’s your favorite Bowie song? 

That’s a tough one! But at the moment, I’m listening to “Five Years” a lot. Guess I’m on a very nostalgic place right now (laughs).

Your new single, “Hi It’s Me Again” announces your first album coming out next year, what can you tell me about this song? 

This song was written just after a breakup, and it was all the things I didn’t say at this moment. These are all the thoughts I had at night, but I didn’t want to send them by text. Like how are you, do you think about me, this kind of stuff that you can’t send but you keep wondering after a breakup.

And what about this record? Did you work the way you did previously on your EP or was the process different this time?

I’m still writing my songs and lyrics, but for this record, I’ve been working with two producers, Apollo Noir and Sam Tiba. They’ve been so helpful, and they’re talented. They’ve helped me translating my baby songs into the songs I wanted to make.

You also signed with Columbia Records, did this make you more confident about making music? 

The Columbia team helps me to be more confident, and I don’t feel like to be a fraud (laughs). They put so much energy to make me grow that I start to accept myself as an artist. So yeah, I’m glad they’re here and ready to walk with me through this!

How would you define your upcoming album? What can we expect?

I wanted to make some produced songs, songs that I could enjoy playing live and that would give me “strength”. But there are also really calm songs, just some piano and my voice for example. I needed to put the different parts of me in this record: the one that needs to be alone, quiet and sad, and the other one who wants to take control and empower herself.

Your new video reminds me a lot of some Billie Ellish visuals and I know you are a pop culture lover, what’s your current pop guilty pleasure?

Oooooh, I’ve got so many guilty pleasures that they don’t even look like some anymore, since I’ve learned to embrace them haha. But I’d say teen movies, forever and ever. Play me Mean Girls or Bring it On and I’ll be yours for a while.