After several years working for Maison Kitsuné, Marie-Flore left the fashion industry to make a first folk solo project in 2014. But, after this, she decided to make something radically different. The main evolution was to sing in French and to express the dark sides of her previous toxic relationship.

2019, is the year where the public discovered a new Marie-Flore, her single QCC surprised the charts and her official first record “Braquage” is one of the best French albums of the year according to us. We met her a couple of weeks ago to have a little chat and if you want to see her live, don’t miss her upcoming 3 Parisians date at Les Etoiles, starting as from November 25th.

You came with a new album which is totally in English, what does this mean for you?

It’s been 10 years now that I’m making music. Singing in English came naturally and I make it in the same way I was making music in french. Now, I have a modern kind of making songs, I can be maybe more express. After the first album, I became an independent artist before singing in a new label and so many things happened and singing in french is a new beginning. Honestly, I can’t sing these old songs now, I guess this era is officially behind me.

Singing in French is easier to express some emotions?

It’s the same thing as everything is like a biography….there’s no real difference.

When listening to your album, I’m wondering if all your relationships were as much as bad that it seems on your songs. 

Haha, all these songs reflect one relationship in particular. It was natural to get this spontaneous words coming during writing the lyrics. It’s like an exercise for me, this love was so strong but in the meantime very dark and toxic. But the more I listen to these songs now, the more I’m totally over all these dramas. But everybody can interpret these songs with their own story. Now all my songs on the album are for everybody.

Are you having a normal and happy relationship now?

No story at the moment, so it’s quite simple (laughs).

How long did you take to create this album Braquage?

It took maybe two years… It was a slow process as I was doing everything. And now, I know I could not write these songs anymore.

You were working for Maison Kitsuné, you feel that there’s a strong connection between fashion and music?

Yes of course, for me everything is linked. When I created the visuals and the art direction of this album, I’ve been in touch with people coming from everywhere in the industry. It’s important to have a strong image and vision of our music. When I was indie I was working with some talented people and now that I’m signed in a label I’m still will the same people. The connection is important and interesting. And I love how my label works hard to put all this out.

And lastly, you consider “Braquage” to be your first or your second record?

It’s a regular question but now I’m clear about it…I will say that it’s my first one.

Interview and 35mm photo by Ivica Mamedy