We went down to Rome to party alongside Claudio Coccoluto, Mariacarla Boscono, Sita, Winnie Harlow and more to celebrate the launch of Riccardo Tisci x Nike Air Max 97 out later this month.

“The Air Max 97 had huge influence and impact on Italian culture,” Tisci reflects. “The Air Max 97 is an iconic, young shoe of 90s. At the time I was involved with DJs and music, and in the clubs the people leading the big waves were wearing Air Max. That period has a lot of history. It was the first meeting of sportswear and fashion.”

Throwing the launch in Rome, was all Tisci’s idea. When we spoke to Tisci earlier in the day, he was really excited for Nike to bring everyone to Italy as the Air Max 97 is cult in the country and has made a cultural impact for the past twenty years.