Embracing different crafty elements into the collection, patchwork in various ways, and embroideries, we want to embrace the craftsmanship process behind the garments and the unique materials we use. Patchwork as an expression has a lot of meaning to us both aesthetically and in a symbolic way. It started as a mark of poverty, then became a subcult punk symbol, and has today evolved to represent upcycling and sustainable fashion.

Designers Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück 

Swedish upcycling-fashion brand, Rave Review’s new AW23 collection stays true to the brand’s identity by once again combining winter and summer staples to create seasonless styles.

Rave Review pulls pastels and floral colors from past seasons to merge with the brand’s signature tartan and knitwear. Many silhouettes of the looks are also versatile as they pair cutouts, short skirts, and sleeveless tops with scarves, leg warmers, and oversized jackets. The seasonless effect is continued with the contrast of the light, sheer background, against the darker, denim and knit pieces. Within this collection two different sides, light and spring-like and dark and rough, come together to create a cohesive collection that can be worn at any time.

While Rave Review’s collection showcased a familiar mix of seasons, they were still able to grow and step out of their own shadow by including unisex pieces, which they had not done before. Rave Review includes genderless pieces like pants, jackets, sweaters, etc. Also featured are genderless accessories like scarves and leg warmers, which were made in a collaboration with Anna Nordström. Since being a part of GucciFest and being a semifinalist for the LVMH Prize, Rave Review has been a spotlight in Swedish Fashion. They have had a grasp on upcycling and “craftivism” (crafting + activism) since their beginning. Rave Review works to promote sustainability by combining upcycling with fashion. They have become a leader in new sustainable Swedish brands by producing locally and using recycled materials.

By Hanna Bailey


Art Direction: Public Image

Photographer:  Matthew Tammaro

Retoucher: Linjepunkt

Stylist: Laëtitia Gimenez Adam

Makeup: Ignacio Alonso

Hair: Josefin Gligic

Set Design: Fredrik Svartnäs

Casting: Helin Honung/ Marisa Acin /3rd Space Management

Models: Josefin and Nyajuok MIKAS, Juli, Tovalisa, Nitia, Marisa/3rd Space Management, Alfons/Nisch Management

Production: Hello Production

Jewelry: Personal Adornment  @personal.adornment @amina_bam