Yoshi and Dakou are two Parisian producers who were mainly known for working with Stromae as well as Tshegue. After working with a broad range of artists, they decided to work to focus on their very own project The YD. Inspired by the likes of Pharell Williams, Metronomy and Gorillaz for the first EP Earth Beat with an organic and electronic indie-pop sound. For their latest EP, Master Peace, which came out at the beginning of July, they put the same ingredients with more expectations by adding some classy and aesthetic visuals. A sign that they are much more than two electronic producers. We met them this early summer during the Cabourg Mon Amour festival for a seaside conversation.


You guys have been working a lot with many famous artists. How do you feel about having your own project?

When you have the chance to work with many talented artists, all doing a different kind of music, rap or pop, I think you take so much confidence developing your sound. Since the beginning, we did the production of our music with great fluency. We started making music together and when you decide to make a duet, it’s a personal decision as we need to trust each other…that’s why it was natural to make the YD.

Is it exigent to start a new project with such an impressive background as yours?

Yes of course, but the real exigency is to make this music as cool as possible.

What triggered you to start the YD?

We have a recording studio together in Paris where we produce for many other artists. Even when we were both on tour, we were still hanging out in this studio. We are close to each other and it was natural to create this band. We produce and compose everything together. It’s been 10 years like this.


What was the concept behind the new EP?

The main theme was positivism. It’s the main direction for this EP. It was a federating sound about human being and nature. This one talks much more about how to be positive in our daily life.

We are right by the sea at the beautiful Cabourg Mon Amour venue, are you a festival lover?

Festivals are quite cool as you are here to chill. When you are playing in a specific venue the public comes for you, but in festivals, people mainly come for discovery. And we are still developing our live set so it’s new for us.

What other festivals did you play this year?

We did the We Love Green festival and absolutely loved Rosalia and Tame Impala sets.


Words by Ivica Mamedy