Élise and Sebastien formed French pop duet Hollydays. After several EPs, they just released their first record “Hollywood Bizarre” via Polydor. For this occasion, we met the two Parisians to talk about some «bizarre» stuff as well as their music which is descript to be melancholic. According to them, some razor blades are provided in the deluxe version of the album. 

What’s the most « bizarre » thing you did in your life?

I guess it’s the day I’ve put the atomizer under my arm thinking it was the deodorant!
Sébatien: Maybe making this album is the most « bizarre » thing we did in our life!
Elise: Yes, it’s like we are giving birth to a child.
Sébastien: 3 years old child…

You have been working in this record since threes years, any stress about putting it live?

Sébastien: It’s super awkward to put something you worked hard out…yes, I’m stress haha.
Elise: But it’s a positive stress!

The record is called « Hollywood Bizarre » what was the references?

Élise: It’s about the American dream.
Sébastien: Yes we got a lot of David Lynch inspirations for making this album, even the visuals.

What is the song, you feel the more proud?

Élise: Every song has its own story…
Sébastien: For me, the song I will recommend is “Hollywood Bizarre », it’s a mix of every song I guess. We made this song quite easily, our songwriter Antoine, came with the lyrics and we took 5 Minutes to produce the rest. When we finish it, it was an evidence that we’ll call the record « Hollywood Bizarre ».

There’s a lot of mélancolie in your songs, its a choice?

Elise: We have always made some pop and sad songs, I guess we can’t do happy pop music *laughs*
Sébastien: We’ll provide some razor blades inside the cd.

But despite all this, I feel that there is hope in your texts?

Sébastien: Yes, of course, there’s this song « Minuit », it’s a positive song, a little bit sensual and sexual but it’s not a depressive song haha.

What’s the perfect song to date, someone?

Elise: Minuit!!!
Sébastien: Yes it’s Minuit, go listen to it!

And what’s the best song to get drunk?

Elise: It’s Une Autre!

Do you guys, read these silly comments on your YouTube channel?

Sébastien: One day, we put a cover of a Niagara song. It’s was the gay magazine, Tétû who shared it on their social media and one comment was about «this music is not for us» and I was totally shocked as I’m gay and I was like «what???»
Elise: I read that someone found that I was a materialistic girl…

And lastly, Sébastien, how do you feel to have a dog who is a superstar on Instagram?

Elise: We got that discussion with our label and we don’t have the right to say his name anymore *laughs*
Sébastien: Yes, I hope we’ll sell more records than the dog haha.


Words by Ivica Mamedy
35mm by Inès Ziouane