Born in 1994, Maggie Rogers is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and producer from Maryland. She rose to fame in 2016 after her song Alaska was played to Pharrell Williams during a masterclass at the New York University. The video went viral, skyrocketing her streaming numbers. Her new album Heard It In A Past Life has been released last month via Capitol Records. We met the singer in Paris to discuss social media, her new record as well as her affectionate relation with France.


You figure among these new singers who are very present on social media, how important is that for you?

Hum, maybe it’s just because it’s mainly one of the best ways to interact with fans and friends at the same time. I wanted to be genuine by posting my real singer life. I’m not here with these how cool my outfit is or being a singer is like living a fairy tale as it’s not the reality. And yes, it’s important to remain close to your fans even if it’s virtual.

What’s the craziest thing that happened to you while writing this record?

For sure, it was when I spend 10 days in Senegal making sound with some great African song-writers and producers. It was such a generous moment. This trip was awesome and yes it was crazy.

Anything particularly memorable that inspired the making of this project?

I was working on this record for 2 years and I mainly worked on it in Maryland and then in LA. Even if my beginning was super indie-folk, I decided to explore new things. Listening to Sufjan Stevens who is amazing, is the perfect image of what I wanted to create with my music. When I was in LA, I could not listen to that much music as I did not feel it’s a deal to get inspiration with other musicians. I’m not here to play a game neither to win a game. Because I’m not in this industry to win anything. There’s enough space for anyone in music. So the major inspiration was my experiences of the previous years.

But do you have any attachment with other musicians?

Yes, I’ve got a bunch of friends because we knew each other for years now. Sofi from Sofi Tucker is one of my favorite friend in this industry as we knew each other for 10 years. There’s also MUNA, KT Tunstall and Mumford & Sons, I feel close to these artists.

Who were the first people listening to Heard It In A Past Life?

It was my close friends from high school and my roommates.

You have been living in France years ago for your studies, any connection with the French culture?

Yes, my Erasmus was in France. I have so many good memories here with some awesome cool French people. But in the music, I don’t really have any particular connection with French musicians. I need to check what’s new.

Maggie Rogers shot on 35mm by Louis Reinke interviewed by Ivica Mamedy