After the success of his first record Blue Neighbourhood with collaborations by R’n’B princess Alessia Cara and Hip-hop phenomena Tkay Maidza, fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Troye Sivan album out this summer. Today he released his latest music video BLOOM.

Back in February, we were invited to a secret listening party in Paris by Troye where he announced his upcoming. He spoke open and candidly about how his boyfriend was a big inspiration for this album and how he got his pop idol Ariana Grande to join him on this record. Two decades ago, we can’t think of such an openly gay pop wonderboy in the mainstream. He defines pop today, with catchy dance ballads clocking in around three minutes.

When we caught up with him the next day at Mama Shelter, he still had his boyish charm that won over the house of Valentino, but it was much more clear how much his music had matured with this album and how confident he became in his own skin and music all at the of twenty-two.

You are coming back with a new record, and you seem to be breaking this teen bop image. Is it a combination of entering your twenties and your sexuality?

Yes, I’m definitely more at ease now. Coming out of the closet was one thing for me but I was still like censoring myself. I was too scared to watch American Next Top Model with my family for example. It took me a long time to completely get comfortable in my own skin and my life.

Years ago, there were not young singers having your age representing the gay community. How do you feel to be so young and so involved?

I feel very proud to be a part of this and I want to push others in the future so that nobody cares and that you can sing whatever you want.

Do you think in this age, pop culture is gay culture?

I’m a big fan of all this pop culture, maybe yes it’s gay. I think I definitely feel a sense of community in gay culture and pop songs.

In your video of MY MY MY, we can see cult porn star and model Brody Blomqvist, was there something, in particular, you wanted to express?

I think most of the LGBTQ people came from parties, basements, the underground and we wanted to make like a tribute to that like having a gay warehouse dark-party. The video was full of these hidden references. The dress code like blue jeans, leather; we wanted to represent this typical gay fashion era. I feel very proud to be a part of this and I want to push others in the future so that there is a path where nobody cares or judges and that you can sing whatever you want.


“I’m a big fan of all this pop culture, maybe yes it’s gay. I think I definitely feel a sense of community in gay culture and pop songs.”


Was it more difficult to make this new record after the massive success of the previous one?

It was actually the opposite as it was so easy to make this album, I was so inspired when I’ve been in the studios.

You got Ariana Grande on your new record, a dream collaboration. What would have happened if she did not accept this song?

I don’t know. Perhaps I would have transformed it into a solo. I wanted Ariana and I’m so happy she accepted to be on the record.

What are you listening to right now?

Right now I’m listening to a lot to the Tyler the Creator record as well as Maggie Rogers, he’s so good.

We are really excited to see Tyler the Creator at We Love Green in June. Any guilty pleasures? 

I love reality TV but my real guilty pleasure is to be lazy, I party only once a month.

From one extreme to another. The revival of Goth culture, do you seem close to this?

I can’t say that I do but I’m really interested learning new things from the old aspects of Goth culture.

You are the new face of Valentino, what’s your connection with fashion? 

I progressively got in touch with so many fashion brands and I’m so happy to be part of this particular campaign. Hope new things happen later on.

Any favourite designers? 

I love Valentino of course, Acne, Saint Laurent but I really like to mix some vintage stuff.

I saw on the internet that hip-witch artist Azealia Banks started a beef about you?

Oh my god yeah, I have no beef at all, I love her.  I don’t really know how all this happened but in an interview, I was like cool to do something together so I guess she did not understand or appreciate the way we’ve been talking about her.

And if tomorrow she sends you red roses, will you throw them away?

No, I will say thank you and keep them (laughs).


Shot on 35mm by Andrei Zozulya-Davidov and interview by Ivica Mamedy