Dogme: La rentrée des classes

Participants: Boyhood, Axel Morin, Lorianne Leger, Theo Spitz, Lean Chihiro, Lancelot Prat, Elvis Gohlke & Benoit Michel

Boyhood is a nostalgic reminder for us to never forget where we came from, and to always look to a bright future ahead.

Based in Paris, the  streetwear label that captures the effortless spirit of youth in the most authentic way. The brand combines outdoor elements with sport details, all punctuated with a dose of pop colour.

Designed by Benjamin Brouillet, Boyhood combats the notion that at some point all boys must grow up and draws direct influences from the designer’s own youth. Born and bred in Angers (France), Benny grew up as an athlete, competing as a gymnast then as an ice-skater. These influences are directly translated into the clothing, with each piece possessing sporty touches such as bungee cord drawstrings, mesh vents, and side-snaps.