Duchess Says shot La Sation, Gare de Mines on disposable camera

We wandered through the canals of Paris, past a circus to La Station at Gare des Mines to catch Duchess Says in the midst of her European tour with the backing of their Church of the Parrot. Once again, the voice of the maniac Annie-Claude Deschênes captivated fans with their pieces of coldwave inspiration.

Just a few months ago they released their new album Sciences Nouvelles delivering intoxicating songs sung in English, in French and sometimes simply leaving the instrumentation to express itself: bass trafficked, fuzz boosted by punk beats, big synths, delay and a fragment eternity. A sort of cosmic battle between Giorgio Moroder and Devo.

The moment to reintegrate the terrestrial space in order to defile your most beautiful dreams with this third astral album. Faithfully approved by their Church of the Perruche, community that they managed to unite around the same aesthetic concerns, this new album sees the singers Annie-Claude Deschênes and her group desensitised robots impose their saturated cold / new / dark wave Optimism to make it dust.