Moroccan electro-pop singer Malca just released his new EP Casablanca Jungle on Arista. Even if he lives in Paris now, he’s still attached to his origin and he proved it in his latest project where he mixed European-western sound as well as some oriental ones. He believes that music has no borders and that the young generation of his city, Casablanca has nowadays the chance to express themselves through art. We caught him in Paris to have a little talk (and some oriental pastries by the way) about how his music has also a political aspect. 

You just released your new project which is called Casablanca Jungle, can you tell me more about this jungle? 

Casablanca Jungle is a way to define the city where I’ve grown up when I was young. It was natural for me to talk about it on this EP. This project gets into some social ideology which I think needed to be represented with some visuals and sounds which are as well oriental and occidental. For example, I’ve got my own ideas about woman and religion in our society so this EP is essentially my best vision of the new generation who are actually making Casablanca alive!

In your new video you seemed to represent the youth culture of Casablanca, you feel to be a speaker for them?

To be honest I’ve got that chance to be part of an optimist generation where since 5 years some many young artists are growing up in such a good way. So yes, I want to push others from Casablanca that we can export this Arabic art and culture in some European countries like France.


“Whatever you are rich, poor, Jewish or Muslim, everyone can be identified in my project.”


You think nowadays, making music is not enough, that you need to create also a visual aspect of music to express your sound? 

Yes totally, it’s a big part of my project Casablanca Jungle. I want to express this Arabic-pop culture via some visuals and videos. I think this makes the youth generation of Casablanca more solid. Whatever you are rich poor, Jewish or Muslim, everyone can be identified in my project.

What was your moodboard when creating this new EP? 

I’ve created several playlists which were particularly my tunes of the moment. Like I can listen easily to Frank Ocean, Drake, The Weekend as well as some Arabic music like Salim Halali who is a legendary Algerian artist. He seems to be one of my role model in music.  In the 60-70’s, he totally assumed that he was Jewish and gay. He was “avant-garde” at this moment!



I feel like pop music is a gay-friendly kind of music, it’s not difficult making pop music in Morocco? 

I did not make it in such a direct way as I don’t use any gay language to communicate in my music. I don’t know if I’m making songs which seems to be gay-friendly but I only know that there are many gays listening to my music in Morocco.  I guess my sound is quite feminine so that’s why! Anyway, I’m happy everyone can be identified in my music as my wish is to make something federative and activist. Singing about some sensitive topics is easier so I think yes, it has a political aspect which can be useful for the next generation. 

Malca is making a release party for his Casablanca Jungle EP on December 14th in Paris (Point Éphémère)

Listen/Watch to Casablanca Jungle below: