“I’m so tired of love songs”, is the chorus of this anti-love song which singer Ari Leff better know as Lauv released on Valentine’s Day in 2019 with his friend Troye Sivan. Before this, Lauv got fame with his major hit, a cheesy love song with ex-girlfriend Julia Michaels “There’s No Way” and co-wrote “Boys” for Charli XCX.

Being one of the most prolific artists of the current pop culture scene, he already released so much along with collaborations from Anne-Marie, DJ Snake, LANY and K-POP phenomena band BTS on “Make it Right”. Traveling all over the world promoting his music, he finally got the time to finish his highly anticipated album which is expected to be out on March 6th. We caught him in Paris for a conversation about loneliness, polygamy, his upcoming record as well as Mexican food. So you better sip a margarita while reading this. 

Hi Ari, what’s your mood today in Paris?

Today, honestly I’m very happy and my mood is yellow. It is my positive mood as I’m excited, it’s just a funny tour. In the meantime, I’ve worked hard on this album coming out in March so everything is going well. Not bad show for now, I’m so lucky, it’s great.

Going to a different country every day must be exhausting?

At this point, I’m used to it. In the beginning, I was exhausted but I can sleep in my tour bus (laughs). I love looking through the window discovering new places and landscapes. Since I was young, I was traveling so I’m kind of used to this…

You were on tour while working on your album from the tour bus! How did you manage to have a private life?

I’m not doing anything else. I was talking to my best friend recently telling him that I don’t even watch movies. Even reading a book, anything…I’m so busy with the music, promo and doing the shows. But I eat much good food (laughs)…

And did you eat any French food?

This morning I ate a pain au chocolate…

When listening to your music, you revendicate to be a very emotional guy, whats the most disappointing or saddest thing that can happen in a relationship?

For me, cheating is the worst! I did not cheat at the moment but I think it hurts so much. Especially when there is emotional cheating with somebody else. When you love someone and you are dating someone else, it really hurts.

And loving two people at the same time, is it possible for you?

Hum, I don’t know… I think in my opinion this is the worst situation…

You are a very prolific guy. While waiting for your debut album, you released so much music and worked with so many people. According to you what’s your dream collaboration? 

My biggest dream collaboration would be Coldplay. I just love them and their music. It’s number one for me. Also, I would love to work with Taylor Swift someday. She’s so good, I don’t know her but I’ve met her a couple of time.

The collab you are the proudest of?

Honestly, I think my favourite was with Troye. Like, it was just a cool process. We met for the first time playing a show together and then we were like “we need to go in the studio together” it was very casual, he came over, we ordered some Mexican food and we were writing songs. There were some really bad songs as well and then after that I was nervous, and I played him the chorus of I’m So Tired, I’ve written a few days ago. He freaks out, and we wrote the whole song together. It was such a cool process even making the music video and the promo with him. He was so into it.

Do you mind sharing your private emotions through your songs?

I don’t know why but I was always someone who needed to share his emotions. Maybe because I was raised in a family where we don’t talk about how people feel and I hated it. I want to be super open, I want to feel understand so making songs is a process of sharing emotions and feelings.

A boy who cries is the most emotional thing.

It’s powerful, I cry a lot, not at the moment because I’m happy. But when you have a good cry, it’s because I need to let something go. Sometimes I cry on stage as I realized how much love my fans are giving me daily. The relationship which has shaped me to make me stronger. No matter how far I go in my life; becoming more and more not so masculine.

Your first album is out in March, so what can we expect?

It will be a mix of different sounds. The difference is that all the songs reflect something special about me. There will be songs about love, break ups, depression and the internet. It’s not only about one girl and one relationship, but it’s also about loneliness, my favourite bar or even my dog…

You talked about loneliness but you don’t feel that lonely on tour.

I definitely don’t want to be alone, I don’t like it. So I’m always surrounded by people and this is a positive thing about being on tour.  I think I can get very bored and lonely when I’m not surrounded by people.  I understand that some people like to be alone, they feel good in this situation but I’m different.

And do you share your feelings with your team?

Yes, I share everything, whenever I have any type of breakdown, my team and friends are here for me…

Do you think now with the internet, you need to be always releasing new music to maintain a community?

I think so. I wanted to stay connected so everyone can watch the evolution of my character and my music. I have some sick collaborations on that album but I can’t tell you more. All these songs are mutual and natural collaborations so that’s why it was hard to choose among these 22 songs.

Do you have any guilty pleasure?

I would say maybe drinking too many margaritas. I like Mexican food, margaritas, and tequilas…When you are lonely,  sipping a margarita can be a good idea…

And what are your favourite fashion brands at the moment?

Acne Studios, I’m obsessed with it as well as Our Legacy, another Swedish brand.

Interview by Ivica Mamedy and 35mm photography by Louise Reinke