Music is genreless and Gus Dapperton is the proof. Where Polly People Go To Read, his highly anticipated debut is a surprising mix of influences. With his androgynous and seapunkish looks, the twenty-two y.o. is a real alien to the indie scene. During our brief encounter in Paris a couple of months ago, we’ve discussed hair colour dilemmas as well as his music.

©Louise Reinke

The colour of your hair is a hot topic among your fans, today you wear pink, why?

To be honest, it’s my way to have fun, I do it for fun. I’ve tried a lot of colours and styles but right now, I’m into this pink bowl cut.

I think “genreless” is the best adjective to describe your music.

I don’t like the fact that we need to put someone in a box and I’ve got early naughties nostalgia. The time when all those classic RnB tunes were topping the charts, I try to mix those influences with my own style and adding some hip-hop vibes.

And you funnel your androgynous style into it…

Back in high school, I didn’t give a shit about what others thought… I was feeling myself, even with my nail polish on and it’s the same with music.

Who’s the first one to listen to your music once it’s ready?

Mainly my girlfriend, Jess. She’s a photographer and she’s really close to my creative process, her creative and visual input is essential.

What’s your most successful song to date?

Maybe World Class Cinema, sometimes my lyrics can be a little bit confusing and their interpretation may vary from person to person.

What can you tell me about your debut Where Polly People Go To Read?

It’s a diary where I mixed all positive feelings and energy around me. I’m 22 and I wanted to make a record that reflects our society. It’s quite personal as I talk a lot about love and how to be more optimistic and confident about certain private life aspects.

Watch My Favourite Fish music video below:


Words by Ivica Mamedy