The new collection is not only a celebration of joy and positivity but also a powerful symbol of resilience and resourcefulness, which is called “The Tie”.

KSENIASCHNAIDER FW2023 collection was designed during the war and produced under air raid sirens in Ukraine. Despite the challenging circumstances in which the collection was created, Ksenia and her team managed to infuse it with an air of hope and positivity. The pieces are meant to transport the wearer to a place of happiness and joy, even if only for a moment.

The production of the collection was also an exercise in resilience when the team worked tirelessly under the air raids and blackouts. The result is a testament to the strength and creativity of the people of Ukraine.

One particularly notable part of the collection was made from dead stock ties. This is a powerful symbol, as men in Ukraine no longer need ties – they are wearing military uniforms instead. To create this part of the collection, KSENIASCHNAIDER received thousands of ties from a big store, which were then upcycled into skirts, blazers, and shirts with a meaningful message.

The collection is also notable for its commitment to sustainability. In addition to the upcycled ties, KSENIASCHNAIDER has used eco-friendly materials throughout the collection, ensuring that every piece is as kind to the planet as it is beautiful.

Additionally, KSENIASCHNAIDER has also launched zero-waste shoes made of denim leftovers, a new concept that reduces textile waste and promotes a circular economy. Committed to sustainability and ethical practices, and the new FW23 collection is a testament to that. The brand hopes to inspire others to adopt sustainable fashion choices and promote a more responsible approach to fashion.

Ukrainian brands KSENIASCHNAIDER, PASKAL and FROLOV introduced Autumn Winter 2023 collections at London Fashion Week. Despite the air raid sirens and missile attacks, Ukrainian designers continue to create and Ukrainian Fashion Week continues to support them in the second international season.  In the final, designers Ksenia Schnaider, Julie Paskal and Ivan Frolov come out united by the Ukrainian flag with the UNITED24 logo. UNITED24 is the official fundraising platform of Ukraine launched by President Zelenskyy. The goal of the President’s initiative is to unite people worldwide in their will to support Ukraine.