You can expect young rapper Geeeko to part of your favorite Belgium or even European rappers. Since 2019, he’s bringing something more aesthetic to the current rap industry. Freshly signed with Colombia Records (Sony Music), he’s about to drop his first mixtape “Réel” at the end of April.

Before listening to this highly anticipated project, he released several music videos, freestyles and singles like “Toxic” and “Lean” which are properly well produced and are becoming more and more viral on the internet. Here our social distance conversation where we talked about his inspirations, his visuals and his dream collaborations. 

Hello Geeeko, hope you’re doing well during this quarantine. Firstly tell me what were the main events which made you realize that making music would be your main job?

For me, it’s been logical and spontaneous. There’s no special happening in my life which made me feel that music was the perfect job despite being my principal hobby. I was always telling my parents that whatever happens, I will try and make it happen. I don’t know how but one day I will make it happen.

There are some huge American inspirations in your music, was the American rap scene was the main reference for your mixtape? 

I did not get inspired by any of these American rappers for my project. Yes, unconsciously I’ve listed a lot of American hip-hop and rap music, like the mixtapes “Collection one” and “Ghetto Lenny’s love songs” by Saint JHN, “Save me” by Future as well as Travis Scott, their music unconsciously made my music.

I’ve read that when you were 13, you were making music to seduce girls, is it still the case now? 

Haha, no, it’s not the case now even If I used very often the term “shawties” because I know it talks to many people. I’ve grown up and my music too. Now, whatever the theme I wanted to sing, it’s more about an  escapism to tell my own story, my life, my feelings, my depression, my faith or even my satisfaction in my daily life.

Your music videos are very aesthetic with a dark atmosphere, it’s intentional? Do your visuals reflect your state of mind? 

Yes, it’s intentional, my visuals are very important in the way the listeners get the music properly. And the way I produced my own music, the visuals are a complementary form of my art. For the dark atmosphere, it’s linked with my personality, we all have a dark side inside us no?

You seem to be very attached to the visuals, according to you, it’s a necessity?

Having an artistic approach with all the visuals is very important nowadays to distinguish our art from other artists. It became a trend now and everyone can make music with a stylish look. When I work on all this, I exchange a lot with Johann Dorlipo, the video director who works on my music videos. I send him my tunes when I get out of the studio and his point of view is very important, especially when we need to choose a single. I try that the images connected to the image I think when writing the song.

Since several years, there’s a hype concerning Belgium rapper (Elvis Romero for example). What do you think about this hype? 

I don’t know if “hype” is the proper word to call this. There’s a lot of talented people in Bruxelles, it can be songwriters singers, personalities with their own stories.  I think it was just the time to have Belgium artists into the spotlight. We deserved it!

Tell me about your dream collaboration?

My dream collaboration in the francophone space will be Jok’Air, Laylow or Josman and concerning my international wish list collaborations, it would be with Young Thug, Saint JGH or Travis Scott.

What about the next steps for you after the release of your mixtape?

Very hard to forecast things due to the Covid19 which change our schedule. Before the next steps, let’s start with this debut mixtape. I want people to take care of them while listening to this project and we’ll see how things go for the rest of the year. And thanks for letting me talk about it.

Interview by Ivica Mamedy and 35mm by Loïc Herry