Chine Laroche: The Mesmerizing Gal

Who is she?

Chine Laroche is a twenty-something mysterious girl who just released her second EP Out of the dark. The main thing we know about her is that behind all this mystery, she’s really cool and doesn’t really like social media. Her self-produced EP was entirely homemade, both visual and sound wise, “The music video was a joint idea with my friends Dorian Prost and Virgile Gesbert who worked on it, it’s very DIY.” says Chine.

What about her music?

Chine make this kind of electronic music which seems to be very influenced by the 80s containing several cinematic references. An electro-dark sound that reminds us of early songs by the French singer, Owlle.

What’s next for her?

After releasing her second EP, Chine tries to make play it live as much as possible. For the moment it’s all about constructing her sound and visual identity.

Julien Granel: Etienne Daho’s Godson

Who is he?

This young French singer from Bordeaux just signed a record deal with Barclay (Universal) and with only one song available, he already been touring with some big names (Loic Notter and Talisco). He’s influenced by all kinds of pop music, from the 80s to more contemporary and it’s clearly a French revivalist pop voice to follow.

What about his music?

This is what we call typical french pop compared to the early sounds of Etienne Daho. It’s pop, fresh and addictive. Basically perfect for the next summer!

What’s next for him?

While awaiting his first EP produced by Bastien Doremus (Christine & the Queens) check our some of Julien’s “freestyle” videos where he sings covers in the streets.