Evann McIntosh is only 17 years old, but they are ready to take over the world. In a short time, the singer/songwriter has already built up a loyal fanbase and tons of buzz with their soulful and in-the-now take on modern pop and R&B sounds. 

The songwriter has conquered TikTok and even self-released their debut album, MOJO which has been in the works since Evann first picked up their guitar at nine years old. They spent their childhood nights recording rough drafts of songs through a USB Yeti microphone in the living room after their family had gone to bed. It was when Evann met producer and now-frequent collaborator Jesty Beatz through Instagram that they figured out how to take their music out of the family room and into the world.

Previously, the 17-year-old rising singer-songwriter Evann McIntosh (they/them) just released JENN!FER AN!STON via Mom+Pop. The spare, slow-burning track stacks heavenly vocal harmonies and the video sees Evann galavanting around a luxurious penthouse and grooving through New York City.