Surreal and staring Estonian rapper Tommy Cash as Tommy Cash in every character on the premise of every child being an artist. Which everyone can definitely relate to, but at what point did we let that go.

The main hook is reminiscent of those years spent practising at the piano. I would like to add that there is some serious artistry with some of those hair and denim cuts. Get ready to be inspired this hump day.

If you know legendary music video director Chris Cunningham behind the groundbreaking visuals for Aphex Twin and Autechre, you can see his DNA inspiration in Little Molly. The track out today is produced by felicita and A.G. Cook, released via PC Music. Dancers have been superimposed with Cash’s face thanks to special effects created by Denis Strahhov at Denhov Visuals. This is definitely a Tommy Cash whole family affair. I’m ready for the movie and TV series now.