Psych-goth punk trio GOTHKING just dropped their debut video Rags shot by Gorsad Kyiv, resurrecting lo-fi skate edits while featuring decks by Werush and Palace. The clip in many ways is an extension of their series featured in Pairs 101. The song, along with the video reflects on contraceptive methods, underwear, Tinder dates, one night stands, skateboards, and streetwear along with other dilemmas of the youth, ending in a simple, poetic flip of the bird.

We first checked out GOTHKING when they got unlikely notice by the Estonian rapper TOMMY CASH – known for his love to bands like The Doors, Nirvana or Marilyn Manson – who invited them to warm-up his crowds while on tour in Paris and London. The group is actually a joint city project between the two capitals.

GOTHKING is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches to their debut EP written and produced by the band to be released later this year.

Gothking shot on 35mm at Super Sonic, Paris