The world discovered AlunaGeorge with a remix of their smash hit You Know You Like It. Since this massive success, the band has never stopped traveling to promote their music. Last September, they released their second record I Remember which includes collaborations with Dreezy, Flume, ZHU and Popcaan. In the meantime, we clearly understand on their social media that Aluna is the one who promotes the image of the project while George is more introverted and prefers to remain in the dark.

Since your first album Body Music, so many things happened like touring alround the world. Were you expecting this from the start? 

Well, all this happened so quickly and it was only in 2016 that we just asked ourselves “ok we need to plan the next steps for the upcoming year”.

One of the thing I realized was that our music became more successful and that you just have to take every opportunity that comes to you and it’s crazy.

While promoting Body Music, your very first single You Know You Like It became a smash hit as DJ Snake remixed it. It’s not strange to become famous with a song which existed for several years? 

I’m aware of it so when this remix got this successful we were invited to different countries and to perform in so many festivals. We took it like an opportunity to say “Ok you know this about the band so we have other music for you to enjoy”.

I think there’s a difference between the two versions. The remix is an anthem that unites people and the other one is more individual.

Since the first time I saw you in Paris in 2013, you have really changed. You are now more confident when you are on stage, what do you think?

I think I’ve learned so much about being on stage and in different environments. Now I can deal with so many kinds of people in so many situations and I really enjoy that. And it helps me being more confident as you said.

At the beginning, George was on stage with you and now you are with a band. Is there a difference when you are actually performing? 

Now AlunaGeorge seems to be a mysterious secret band. If you don’t know us you might think that it’s just me with the musicians, but even if I’m without him, I feel connected to him on stage.

As a duet, it’s not so difficult for George to remain outside the spotlight? You still think as two or it’s more Aluna? 

It’s depends on  what I’m doing, if I’m in the studio with him and it’s a very pure collaboration as we communicate very much. When he’s not there, it’s sometimes difficult as I can’t think for him but we have a connection that works even far away.

You are very present on social media, how do you deal with that?

I think its really great to connect with people when I’m not able to get in touch with them in their country. I want my fans to be connected to the band and not feel I’m distant even if I’m not coming in their area. It’s an opportunity to keep a conversation about how to live your life.

Let’s talk about the record. I think it was the moment for AlunaGeorge to trust others artists as there’s so many collaborations, what about these connections? 

Well, it’s interesting because me and George have such a hard way of working and when we invite somebody else, we just got another perspective with the music. Sometimes you just need to open your creativity to other artists. And we got the chance to work with a great list of artists who became our friends now.

Does this new record has the potential to go further than the first one? More commercial success? 

For me it’s a personal record and that’s nice for me as during the writing process, I learned so many things about life. We don’t mind getting more successful but we just want our music to touch people wherever we are.

You have a special connection with fashion, is it important to mix it with your music? 

Yes, the fashion industry is a crazy world but I like to work with my stylist before every show or event. I love mixing some masculine and feminine stuff. To have a balance, not be totally a top-by girl.

What can we expect from you in the next few months? 

Touring and touring. And maybe get some times to be in the studio to create new music.