Garett Clark Borns, 26, is an American singer better known by his stage name BØRNS. After his incredible first LP Dopamine in 2015 and some advertisements for brands like H&M and Gucci, this gender-bender, and elegant man is back with a second record called Blue Madonna. While his debut was recorded pretty quickly while he was touring, the second took much more time to be created.  The only guest on this album is Lana Del Rey as her brother shot BØRNS visuals and they share the same record Label. Last December we caught up with this cool guy in his Parisian hotel for a quick chat and a cup of ginger tea.

What was the difference between the creation of the first record and the new one?

The first one was made very quickly while I was performing everywhere. I was touring more and more and I needed to release it. This new one is more about experiences as I learned more things about my voice for example and also I grew up with different perspectives.

I feel with this new era you wanted to push your “gender-bending” style, so you think you’re doing a kind of music which has no gender?

Yes, I just want to feel comfortable with my music and my visuals. And yes, I completely assume my androgynous vocals and appearance.

Why did you call your album Blue Madonna?  Why Madonna?

Blue Madonna is a melancholic song, about the observation of this certain innocence. It’s also the name of a painting by the Italian painter Carlo Dolci and it has been a great inspiration when we created the visuals of the album.

Is this record more personal?

I think so, as I’ve got a lot more time to put myself into it. It’s also about my personal experiences and having some good weed, as you know L.A is the place for that *laughs*

And what’s your relationship with fashion?

I’m very close to Gucci since Alessandro Michele took over as the brand’s creative director. I really love his influences and perspective. Mixing all the 70s aesthetic and streetwear is very interesting. It’s like my music in a way, so the collaboration between us feels quite natural. I’m also a huge fan of Thom Browne too, I hope we’ll do something together in the future!

Listen to ”God Save Our Young Blood” below: