I found inspiration in those who treasure the clothes that make them feel happy, loved, celebrated – Charles de Vilmorin

Rochas’ new FW23 collection captures the beauty of versatility in daily life. Designer, Charles de Vilmorin, repeats patterns, textures, and fabrics, creating the illusion of shifting between day and night through silhouette changes. In the collection, we see fabric repeated throughout multiple looks, like the snakeskin print fabric used as trousers, a top, and a long jacket. Seeing similar pieces repeated in multiple outfits can inspire other people to realize the versatility of the items in their closets and learn to style pieces for night vs. day. Vilmorin was inspired by people who feel joy from fashion and now they can be inspired by him.

This collection is a clear tribute to late founder Marcel Rochas. Rochas’ FW23 line keeps Vilmorin’s energetic and young energy through bold colors, while also incorporating the classic 1950’s style, mermaid evening gowns, and ¾ coats that Rochas was known for. This collection creates a sense of authenticity as the collection shifts from day wear to evening wear seamlessly. The mix of new and innovative patterns with classic 50’s silhouettes expresses a transitional feel between generations as well as transitioning between night and day. Through fashion, Vilmorin creates a timeline of life being lived throughout decades or a single day.

By Hanna Bailey

 Rochas Fall Winter 2023