Ria Keburia has found different mediums to explore her collections from gallery settings in Paris, runway in Moscow, installation in Tbilisi, and this season she expands to the performance arts with stills that look like they were plucked from a Peter Greenaway film.

The collection pivots around the theme of the internal-externalists: a group of artists build a fully-fledged house – a living organism built up from models in which the artist/pilgrim can live. Since Ria herself is a free wanderer of the world, not bound to a permanent location and wandering in search of inspiration, it was decided to build a house with her own team. The collection “Home Sweet Home” is devoted to transforming models into the internal and external objects of a surrealist house. The entire house is characterised by a lack of gender, and animate and inanimate objects are equated in terms of importance. As there are no predominant objects in the house, all items are equally important for a comfortable life.

This is the first of Ria’s performances in which the artist herself has taken part. It was first staged in Moscow followed by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi. Following her gallery concept, several designers have been invited into this collaboration. The modernist artist Anya Mokhova is engaged in the external frame of the building, Elena Tarabakina creates interior accessories, Marousia Nizovtsova will transformthe characters with clothing, and the Muzaradi brand will create the headdresses. Model-armchairs, cabinets, sofas and even curtains – a place for everything and everything in its place.

Photography by Alina Usmanova