Backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi FW17 shot on 35mm and Fuji disposable camera.

Tbilisi has been dubbed the “New Berlin” recently and has been making headlines in fashion, art, and music publications. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi coincided with the rise of a new generation of emerging talents make the city an emergent style capital between Europe and Central Asia. Over forty designers presented over five days, the majority of them under forty years old. Designers to watch include:

Tamuna Ingorokva

Considered amongst Georgia’s top fashion designers Tamuna Ingorokva enjoys national and international recognition with a widespread client base brushed up on the signature styles by the label making major waves in fashion industry in the region. Has been lauded as a great patron of female liberation her clothes represent women personalities, moods, ambitions and desires, and the times we live in.

Le Mocassin Zippe

Ketevane Maissaia is a Georgian accessories designer based in Paris behind Le mocassin zippe, which is already garnering cult following. Her pieces and presentations are something you don’t forget about. Made out of high quality French leather and Georgia’s shoemaking know-how.


Irakli Rusadze has worked with multiple Georgian fashion houses as a creative and construction director, also with Azerbaijan fashion houses. Currently He is focusing on his label, Situationist, that recently showed at Milan Fashion Week FW17


Born in November 1991 in Tbilisi, Georgia, one of the hottest designers getting international attention at the moment and putting Tbilisi on the style map is Gola Damian. He launched his own line in 2011, named GOLADAMIAN.

Ria Keburia Gallery

Ria is inspired by people, young talents, full of ideas and ready to realize their limitless imaginations to life. Any collection of Ria Keburia integrates a number of collaborations with contemporary artists and designers. At the presentation, visitors of Gruzland enter a special booth, from which they begin an incredible adventure in this fantastic country full of surprises. Gruzlandia reinvents the way experience fashion by presenting a chaotic landscape of miracles, a place that gives people the cultural knowledge and the opportunity to explore various parts of Georgia through the prism of how they are seen by Ria Keburia.


Dalood started out as a boutique atelier that has contributed greatly to the development of fashion industry in Georgia over the years. Since joining Dalood in 2013, designer Maka Kvitsiani decided to boost the brand by exploiting its masterful tailoring and their impeccable needlework.


Founded by Georgia designers Gvantsa and Nina Macharashvili in 2012, the young brand Tbilisi has already been featured in Vogue, Another Magazine, Glamour and more. 


Datuna Sulikashvili has participated in various fashion events, such as Benext Fashion Design Contest, Tbilisi Fashion Week, Georgia Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz fashion Days, Almaty Fashion week, Baku Fashion Week, Astana Fashion Week, and Tallinn Fashion Week where his collections are highly appreciated by famous critics.

George Keburia

Georgia Keburia already has some fashion awards under his belts along with some commercial success as the brand is represented in various boutiques and concept stores in Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and United States, as well as sold online and in pop-up stores across the world.