The show sets the tone with the first notes of Debussy’s ‘Clair de Lune,’ an ode to nightlife and a reference to Marine Serre‘s moon crescent logo. This originally transgressive classical track keeps its iconoclast touch serving as the perfect foundation for this 15-minute re-interpretation—a journey through the history of electronic dance music. As the show music producer, Pierre Rousseau likes to say: “It’s a process of radicality, regeneration, and hybridization dear to MARINE SERRE, adapted to music.” A sumptuous track that captures the heavenly sensation of a perfect summer day, making you want to dance. The kind of track that can instantly shoot your mood to the Moon and back.

The staged collection highlights a plethora of techniques, fabrics, and silhouettes, with half of them regenerated from upcycled or deadstock materials—a showcase of different expressions of passion.

The runway cast is a unique signature of the house, featuring an eclectic group of models and eleven music artists: Teyana Taylor, Miguel, Aron Piper, Sevdaliza, Noah Cyrus, Yseult, Brooke Candy, Anetha, Pink Siifu, John Glacier and Aime Simone. All jamming together and vibing at the same pulsation.

Marine Serre Spring Summer 2024 shot backstage at Paris Fashion Week by Louise Reinke