Backstage at Marine Serre Spring Summer 2019 shot on 35mm by Louise Reinke at Paris Fashion Week

Marine Serre, winner of the 2017 LVMH prize, followed up her Paris Fashion Week debut last season with her second on calendar collection “Hardcore Couture”. She continued to play explore the concept of FutureWear with a futuristic return to older templates sourced from pre-existing products in a world of fast fashion. Marine and her team spend the past months developing and securing production chains, you could easily say that slow fashion is the future.

Hype surrounded her moonwear futureheel right before her revamped Converse Chucks hit the market along with her Green Line made up of up-cycled materials including all denim. Other collaborations included Rudy Project on two mooned Trylex sunglasses, with Nike on a range of tight-covered sneakers, a collaboration with Melissa known for their use of recycled plastics, and finally, features a futurist race-car babouche. Will Marine Serre replace Vetements as the collaborator label of the future?