French synth-pop band Hyphen Hyphen released some months ago their second record “HH” including smash hits “Like Boys” and “KND”. Becoming one of the most successful groups of our generation, Santa, Line, and Adam are mainly known for their amazing scenic presence. Maybe the reason why they made more than 300 dates since the band exists.

To promote the latest record, Hyphen Hyphen decided to release “Mama Sorry” as their new single. And they just put the video out featuring rising French actress Raph. Greatly inspired by the movie Billy Elliot, the story is about the young generation trying to figure out their own identity in a sort of chaotic environment. It’s about freedom, and how to accept their sexuality in a normative social influence. For this occasion, the band decided to capture with a disposable the making of, of the video for us.

Text by Ivica Mamedy