Ukrainian brand LITKOVSKAYA presented their Fall Winter 2021/22 collection with a film premiere on the official Paris Fashion Week Calendar.

For Lilia Litkovskaya, designer and founder of the eponymous brand, 2020 has become a turning point – as she launched an educational project for young designers, SCHOOLL. The very process of studying, sharing knowledge, and perfecting craftsmanship, being a professor yet constantly learning from her own students – has become the ultimate source of inspiration and the foundation of the new collection. The leitmotif of the season is the Latin maxim “poeta semper tiro” – a poet is always a student, always ready to learn, to try, to start over with a blank page.

The FW21 collection is a story of being open to knowledge, finding poetry in daily life, absorbing beauty from the outside world – in order to return it a hundredfold. LITKOVSKAYA proposes to #Wear-A-Poem not only in the heart, but also on the body – in the form of tailored suits, coats, and dresses, intertwined with each other like multi-layered experimental rhymes.

Poetry becomes literal in the form of a line embroidered on the sleeves that say “Come, angel” (“Прийди до мене, янголе”). It is the designer’s ode to Igor Tsymbrovsky – one of the most mystical and deeply underestimated Ukrainian musicians of the early 90s, whose composition “Come, angel” has become the soundtrack of the collection. Natural fabrics and neutral colors of the brand’s images fit into any wardrobe, leaving space for improvisation – after all, each person reads the same poem with their own voice.

Creative Director: Sasha Stekolenko. Production / Producer: Creative Buro / Daria Zakharova Photography: Denys Lushchyk Music: Ihor Cymbrows’kyj («Come, Angel», label «Offen Music», 2016) Sound Design: Nikolay Makeev Set / Props Design: Olya Malyshenko Location: Bursa Hotel Styling: Sonia Soltes Hair: Yulia Stets MUA: Svetlana Rymakova Equipment: Zodiac Colour: Olya Korzhinskaya Edit: Dima Kochnev Postproduction: Andrey Gorlov