Following Coperni’s Fall Winter 2023 collection during the weekend at Paris Fashion Week, Kylie Jenner is exploring and dressing up in some of our favourite looks off the runway shot by Oliver Hadlee Pearch.

The collection reimagined the fable of Jean de la Fontaine, The Wolf and the Lamb written in 1668. Transported to 2023, Coperni raises the question “Who are the wolves and the lambs in the contemporary social configurations?” What always fascinates Coperni is the relationship between technology and human beings. Are we dominated by technology, or on the contrary, is it that we dominate it? Stylists, editors, and journalists were raising questions on the sidelines if fashion itself was being dominated by celebrities as many high-profile people are wondering if they will be replaced with AI one day.

Pieces that hug the figure and are a reconstruction between damaged and proper, almost as if you are escaping from the wild. Coperni has been the mentor of the material section at ENSAD school this year (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs). They have selected the work of Loreleï Borgiès. The embellished pieces explore the relationship of romance and insurance in contrast with the techno futuristic elements of the collection meanwhile, tailored through mixed materials such as leather and woven fabrics that portray a youthful mix between classic and techno chic. Hybrid denim that can be worn in different ways has been recreated and deconstructed that bring a refreshing approach.

Let’s see what Kylie wore….


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