“Visual impressions of what we watch on Television: Seeing Truth in the Trump Era” is the original title of these exclusive series shot by Akhil Sesh & Taz Shuaib on 35mm film, artist Qusay Al Hashemi brings forth an interesting reflection of status quo. Massive amounts of information is being created and consumed in the digital era through a variety of mediums. This dynamic creates a great power and responsibility to uphold the honor of true information. A careful diet of information is necessary so as to maintain a steady stream of consciousness.

In this Editorial Qusay portrays the disturbing relationship between the Gepetto or curator of information and the puppet or consumer of it within the context of Americas corrupted elections.


This thing, what has it become.
A game?
Some of us play, some of us watch.
Nevertheless, I think we all are losing.

-Qusay Al-Hashemi


Dogme: Trump Televisor

Participants: Akhil Sesh, Taz Shuaib and Qusay Al-Hashemi

Featuring: Gosha Rubchinskiy