Dogme: Aly Bass A’int Your Baby Mama

Participants: Aly Bass shot on 35mm by Louise Reinke in Vinti Andrews, Prululla, Lou de Betoly and Pawaka styled by Khuyen Do

Summer 2018, the first time I met Aly Bass. It was in a friend’s apartment and with her team, they came for making a music video. Unfortunately, the video never came out for some unknown reasons but when Sony Music contacted us for an editorial we wanted to make it where everything started. The place we met Aly Bass when none of her fans heard any music from her. Two years later, the Belgium rapper released her first and high expected record “Desperado” and all that you need to know about this project is that 99,9% of the songs are well produced and have the potential to become commercial smash hits including “Caliente” and “Baby Mama”. – Ivica Mamedy